Why St Andrews needs a Railway:

  • The towns infrastructure cannot cope with the increasing pressures placed upon it, not only from visitors and tourists, but also from students and commuters.

  • Since the railway closed in 1969 the town’s population has significantly increased and the number of University students has more than quadrupled, from 2,000 to nearly 10,000.

  • Because employment in town is mainly limited to tourism and education, many St Andreans work outwith it, travelling every day to places such as Dundee, Cupar, Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh. However there are even more people commuting the other way. With accommodation becoming more and more expensive, many people who work in St Andrews are forced to live elsewhere and travel in every day. St Andrews is in fact a net importer of labour.

  • The two main industries, tourism and the University, by their nature generate many more journeys than one would otherwise expect in a town of 17,000 inhabitants. Indeed the number of visitors is expected to increase, what with new tourism developments and a determined effort to extend the season.

  • It is exceedingly apparent that there are too many cars driving into and around the town; in fact the main road into town is already over capacity. An efficient method of transporting large numbers of people in and out of St Andrews, which takes due account of the environment, is required.

  • Car-drivers are notoriously reluctant to use buses instead of their cars, but they will use trains.

  • By offering an attractive alternative to the private car, a railway to St Andrews would greatly alleviate the situation.

The future?