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Text of letter in today’s Scotsman:

I'd like to back Dr Allen Armstrong's suggestion that the £1B which is apparently going to be left over from building the Queensferry Crossing be invested in improving the Fife network, as it is high time that some money was spent on rail services on the north side of the Forth, to match the amount being invested to the south of it.

There can be no doubt that the people living in the communities which would be served by a re-opened Levenmouth branch, Newburgh station or Forth Rail Link would benefit greatly from the resulting enhanced connectivity.

The case of St Andrews is somewhat different, though no less valid. The town is primarily a destination, and an international one to boot. St Andrews could be described as Scotland's Oxbridge, Canterbury and Wimbledon all rolled into one and considering that just one of these factors could be said to justify a rail connection, the fact that St Andrews ticks all three boxes makes the case overwhelming. Indeed, as it is likely that a St Andrews service would operate at a profit, it could help subsidise the other improvements.

All in all, a billion pounds could go some way to making the Fife rail network fit for the requirements of the 21st-century.