Buses '21st century answer'

Allan Chalmers of St Andrews considers that Green Buses are the answer and that the Community Council should set up an Eco-Bus sub-committee. It is interesting that while Mr Chalmers describes the Tata proposal for a new railway as ‘costly and impractical,’ he considers the significant works which would be required for Wilson Nicol’s suggested improvements to Leuchars Station, with their track realignment, bridge-building and all, as ‘completely feasible’ and combined with green buses a ‘21st century answer’ to St Andrews’ transport requirements.

Unfortunately, these buses are unlikely to be able to travel any faster than the present ones, and certainly nowhere near as fast as a train. Also, there is a well-known marked resistance from motorists to using buses, though not trains, so the value of buses, be they ever so green, in achieving modal shift is much less than is rail transport.

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