'Blinkered' says Glenrothes dissenter

The text of Mr Topping's letter can be read at:


4th letter down.

Mr Topping's view that everything is fine with the tourist industry in St Andrews is at odds with the St Andrews Partnership's warnings that it must not rest on its laurels, as other new destinations are eager to take some of their business. Mr Topping's complacency is breathtaking, as he apparently considers that the hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses are surviving quite easily.

However Mr Topping betrays his ignorance of the Tata proposals, when he speaks of visiting golfers having to change trains with all their equipment to reach St Andrews. Not so, Mr Topping; the proposal is for direct trains from Edinburgh via the airport interchange and also from Dundee.

He finishes by demanding how many are in 'Team StARLink'. Very simple - over 600, according to Facebook, and that's only since July.