Looking back - 50 years ago (1)

The Fife Herald’s 50 years ago column from 5th July 1967 is fairly factual, stating that all passenger services were to be withdrawn on 1st January 1968 (closure actually took place on 6th January 1969) and that Alexander’s buses would operate extra services to Dundee, including ‘express’ services from Leuchars (?) to Dundee, one of which would start from St Andrews every weekday at 08:00, arriving in Dundee 40 minutes later. For their part BR proposed to run a road parcel service to St Andrews.

St Andrews Citizen’s 50 years ago piece is from 8th July 1967 (the Fife Herald and St Andrews Citizen were then published on different days of the week) and shows that in three days protests had gathered strength. The Town Council unanimously objected, as did the Merchants’ Association and St Leonard’s School, and protests were to be sent to the Minister of Transport (then Barbara Castle) and the Transport Users Consultative Committee.

If only …