'Strong case for a new railway link'

The Courier endorses case for railway.

Today's editorial:

'The eyes of the world will fall on Fife this summer as The Open takes place in St Andrews.

It is a truly world-class event and one that will deliver millions of pounds into the local economy as fans flock from all corners of the globe.

But, thanks to a poor decision made more than half a century ago, not all visitors to the Old Course will arrive in style and comfort.

Instead, thousands of golf fans will have to alight from their train at Leuchars and wait in line to be bussed to the venue.

St Andrews, the Home of Golf, really should have a direct rail link. Dr Beeching and his rail reforms saw to it that it does not.

But there is a strong case for that to be reviewed and new investment in 21st Century travel infrastructure to be brought forward.

St Andrews is a jewel in Scotland's crown.

It needs to be viewed as such.'

And who could possibly disagree?