Looking back - 50 years ago (3)

As reported in the Fife Herald from 6th September 1967, Fife County Council agreed to convene a meeting with other local authorities and interested bodies to plan their protests to the proposed rail closures. The county traffic officer reported that they had learned from Press notices that British Rail proposed to close Newport East, Newport West, Wormit, Thornton, Cameron Bridge, Leven, Dysart and Sinclairtown, because the two lines in question were not included in the proposed Basic Network.

Meanwhile the
St Andrews Citizen of 9th September 1967 reported how the Fife Tourist Association agreed to write an objection to the line to St Andrews. The chairman said this would be detrimental to the tourist industry, and that closure of the line made no sense when a new railway hotel was being built in St Andrews. He further noted that, as the roads in that area were unfit to carry all the holiday traffic, with several being so winding as to be positively dangerous, it seemed strange that the Minister of Transport was even thinking of closing the line.