Community Council get details of new route

The St Andrews Citizen covered the brief presentation made by Starlink convenor Jane Ann Liston about the progress of the Tata Steel feasibility study, including a preview of the proposed route.

Text of Starlink Press release, forming the basis of the article:

Nearly 22 years after its launch the Starlink (St Andrews Rail Link) campaign was back at the Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council to report on the progress of the ongoing feasibility study by Tata Steel, the Community Council having made a substantial contribution to the costs.

Starlink convenor Jane Ann Liston showed the meeting preliminary drawings of the optimal route as identified by Tata Steel, and asked that the CC make a short submission to TayPlan requesting the inclusion of the safeguarding of land for a railway line and station, similar to the statement in the 2001 Fife Structure Plan, but using the Tata drawing as an indication.

Ms Liston revealed that she had already asked Fife Council to get such a paragraph included in TayPlan and they had promised to do what they could.

Although the route is only an indication, it comprises a new alignment with north and south chords to the mail line, enabling travel both north and south, and terminating beside the bus-station, thus facilitating integrated public transport. Care has been take to avoid dwelling-houses and other sensitive sites, as well as taking into account land ownership and value and the topography of the area.

The route will be made public once the rest of the study, including costings, timetabling and passenger forecasts, has been completed.