Scotland on Sunday editorial supports St Andrews railway

The Scotland on Sunday editorial is commenting upon the proposal to increase the frequency of Edinburgh-Glasgow trains to 6 per hour. After welcoming the improvements to this service, it goes on:

‘… the rest of Scotland could be forgiven for believing resources are being thrown at the Central Belt at the expense of other areas.

There are parts of the country campaigning to be reconnected to the rail network, having been cut off in the 1960s. It is heartening to see the Borders back on the map, and even more encouraging to see passenger numbers so healthy.

Similar projects could be carried out elsewhere, perhaps with lines to Leven, St Andrews, and Peterhead and Fraserburgh. The Borders line should also be extended to Hawick.

So while we encourage the ambition shown to improve the Edinburgh-Glasgow service, we’d like to see the righting of wrongs that still exist elsewhere.’

Exactly. Thank you, SoS.