Herald - Tram-train suggested for Leuchars-St Andrews

The Herald article by Professor Christopher Harvie can be found at:


It is an interesting suggestion, and one which will probably be one of the options considered by the STAG.

However, a tram-train shuttle such as the good professor suggests, is unlikely to run at 90 mph, so the journey will be longer than by heavy rail. And while a tram could certainly run right in beside the platform at Leuchars, and so be much more attractive than having to scramble over the footbridge and walk nearly as far as the car-park to the bus-stop, the lack of through-running makes it unlikely to attract as many passengers as would no-change journeys to Edinburgh or Dundee.

Trams and other forms of light railway are often cited as preferred options, apparently because 'light' implies 'considerably cheaper'. In the case of St Andrews, though, the cost of the land is liable to be the same and bringing the tram across the main line to the platform will present its own challenges. On the other hand, if the idea is that the tram will stop at or near the bus-stop, then all that would mean was that the tram would be a more expensive replacement for the bus, more comfortable, yes, but perhaps not much faster, and still leaving the physical distance between tram and train. Certainly worth considering, but unlikely to be an attractive enough option to persuade drivers to leave their cars at home.