Another naysayer in the 'Courier'

John Munro's letter in the Courier is at:

Mr Munro goes on about the distance most residents of Oxford and Cambridge live from their railway stations, and claims that more people in St Andrews live nearer Leuchars. However he appears not to have grasped that the main argument for a St Andrews link is to bring people into the town, most of whom are going to the town centre. His reference to the guided busway between Cambridge and St Ives fails to mention that it worked out almost as expensive as re-opening the railway would have been and also that usage is somewhat disappointing, mainly because the bus takes too long compared to a car. The St Andrews proposals would involve speeds of up to 90 mph so would be faster than cars.

It is interesting that Mr Munro quotes Transport Scotland as telling StARLink that 'it will look at its project only if a comprehensive feasibility report by a competent independent party is provided.' I do not know where he obtained that information, but it is not correct. Coincidentally the StARLink Action Group held a most useful meeting with Transport Scotland officials today - more on that later.