North East Fife MSP acknowledges efforts of Starlink

The full debate can be found at:

with the salient paragraph in Mr Campbell’s speech being as follows:

‘I draw members’ attention to the work undertaken by the Newburgh train station campaign and Starlink in St Andrews as examples of the demand for new stations and investment in public transport. Both are very worthy campaigns to establish rail links to Newburgh and St Andrews and both campaign groups are working tirelessly to try to achieve their aims. They have shown great initiative in engaging with transport experts to assess the possibilities of reopening and re-establishing railway links to those communities, as well as in lobbying various public bodies. I acknowledge their efforts and I urge both Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government to give appropriate consideration to their cases.’

Mr Campbell is of course following the example of his predecessor Iain Smith who also voiced support for a St Andrews railway in the Holyrood chamber. His words are extremely welcome.