Extra stop at Leuchars

The Courier reports that Scotrail has agreed to stop a fast train at Leuchars which, unusually, doesn't stop between Dundee and Haymarket, to help compensate for the loss of the two cross-Border trains due to the Carmont landslip and derailment.

The non-stop is supposed to be due to restrictions on the Tay Bridge. However, the rail authorities have found that at the moment a stop at Leuchars would not impinge upon any other service and have agreed to this change while the temporary timetable is in place.

This means that the present options for travel to Edinburgh by rail from Leuchars, whose passengers mostly hail from St Andrews are as follows:

07:50 09:12
08:34 09:28
08:42 09:58
09:59 11:09

The normal stopping pattern will resume once trains can run through to and from Aberdeen. However efforts will be made to retain this stop if at all possible as it is only because of a technicality, i.e. the restricted capacity of the Tay Bridge, that the train doesn't stop in the first place.

The full article by Craig Smith can be read at: