Local Plan exhibition - survey results and MSP signs up

Both the Courier and St Andrews Citizen reported that of the 120 responses, 78 (65%) of which were from residents, 73 (94%) said they would use a railway if there were one, as did 37 (88%) of the 42 visitors.

We have seen the great successes of the re-openings at Bathgate, Larkhall, Alloa and Laurencekirk and strong
arguments have quite rightly been made in favour of restoring services to Leven, Kincardine, Grangemouth and Reston, Yet surely no-one would pretend that any of these worthy causes was as prestigious and obvious a candidate for rail reconnection as St Andrews, world-renowned tourist destination, university town, Home of Golf and economic generator. The prospect of 1000 new houses being built and of the resultant additional travelling being done mainly by car means that the question must be addressed sooner rather than later. Identifying and safeguarding land for a railway is essential and would be a good start.