Taxi driver blasts Starlink campaign

Stuart Winton claims a railway would be just a 'glorified bus service' and says that taxis can work out cheaper and are more seamless than buses, also that the buses carry only a handful of passengers. In which case, why does the prospect of a railway line concern him so much? He then confirms that he can sometimes wait hours at Leuchars for a fare, adding that if drivers get a hire from the station within an hour 'they're doing well'. Which rather confirms my theory that taxi drivers would do better ferrying rail passengers little more than a mile from a St Andrews station to and from their homes in the town rather than doing a 6-mile run out to Leuchars and waiting up to 5 hours for another.

I'm afraid it would be perverse to keep St Andrews disconnected from the rail network for the convenience of taxi drivers; that really would be a case of the tail wagging the dog.