Views of Architectural Heritage Society on Starlink campaign

Mr Pride claimed, 'There is no sustainable market, and trains would be running nearly empty most of the time. In this age of the car it will be a minority group that wishes to travel to St Andrews by rail. Most people who come to St Andrews for a day out will always want to jump into their cars and drive.'

He did, however, acknowledge that St Andrews had a major problem with traffic congestion, presumably from all those who insist upon jumping into their cars and driving, and urged St Andrews to follow the example of other historic university towns such as Cambridge, where,

'ring-roads divert through-traffic, well-organised peripheral car parks are served by an excellent park-and-ride bus service and the historic centre is pedestrianised, and is thus safe, spacious and unfestooned by closely-packed parked vehicles.'

Of course, St Andrews has minimal through-traffic to divert, and it could also be argued that if people insist upon driving rather than use a train they might also eschew a park-and-ride bus.

There was one other little thing that Mr Pride neglected to mention about Cambridge; it has a railway station!