Green MSP backs St Andrews railway - Citizen

The Scottish Greens have produced a £22Bn plan for Scotland's railway, and a line to St Andrews is included.

As the St Andrews Citizen reporter Jamie Callaghan writes, the Rail for All programme proposes that all towns with a population of over 5,000 should be connected to the railway, with St Andrews a 'high priority.'

Mr Ruskell said: 'I've long been a champion of the St Andrews rail link, and this report shows there's never been a better time to make this kind of investment. There is huge public support for a green economic recovery from Covid, and we know investment in rail will create much needed jobs in north east Fife and provide a legacy for local communities. The key principle of the programme is to make the rail network accessible to everyone, and St Andrews is an obvious missing link in the east coast network. A site of such significance for tourism, education, sport and the local economy needs to be a high priority for a rail line.'