'Buses better' says sceptic

Text of Allan Chalmers’ letter in today’s Courier:


There are two points I would like to make. Firstly, if the railway is impractical clearly it will not be built; however, the evidence so far suggests that it is. Secondly, it has repeatedly been found that car drivers are notoriously reluctant to switch to a bus service, however good. The last improvements to the bus service did not result in an emptying of the Leuchars car-park; on the contrary, it was noticed that within a week or so of the said car-park being shortly after enlarged, it was again full to overflowing early in the day. That is why Edinburgh opted for trams, because too many Edinburgh car-owners were eschewing the excellent bus service and continuing to drive their own cars; however drivers will and do switch to rail options when these are available.

Of course the STAG process will consider all means of transport, but it is extremely likely that the faster and more attractive rail option will come out well ahead of buses, which after all is the status quo.

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