Golflink numbers down

As reported in the Dundee Courier (25th July 2000), despite the buses being timed to meet trains at Leuchars (the only time this happens is during the Open) and a police escort to the Links to avoid the traffic jams, golf fans were less keen on entrusting themselves to public transport than they had been at Carnoustie, where there was a train service direct to the town. As the Scotrail spokesperson said, ‘Carnoustie had the station practically on the first tee which was a big advantage for a lot of people.
The message is clear; while car-drivers can be persuaded to use a direct rail service, they are more reluctant to use an integrated train and bus service, despite the buses connecting with the trains and the police escort to avoid congestion. Given that at no other times do the buses actually connect with the trains it is obvious that car-drivers will not be tempted out of their vehicles by even an improved bus service from Leuchars; they will vote with their ignition-keys. The only way to cut down the number of cars coming into St Andrews is to provide the alternative which car-drivers will use,
i.e. a direct railway.