Railfuture Scotland supports rail campaign

The Courier reported that Railfuture backed the reintroduction of a railway to St Andrews, identifying the connection as ‘hugely beneficial’, and describes Fife Council’s change of policy as all the more inexplicable because the Plan specifically identified the lack of a direct rail link into St Andrews as a notable ‘missing link’ in the transport network.
Railfuture further describes the removal of any specific reference to a railway as ‘curious’ and claims it weakens the council’s reference to ‘further developing St Andrews as a high quality tourist destination.’ It also warns that opting for apparently cheaper systems, such as guided busways, can be a false economy.
Railfuture’s contribution is extremely welcome in this debate. It remains to be seen how Fife Council proposes to attract its visitors to this high quality destination without even a moderate quality public transport system.