Letter of support in Courier

In his letter John McDonald of Kirkcaldy expresses his admiration for the enthusiasm of St Andrews rail campaigners, but regrets that developments on the old trackbed have rendered the old station site, ideally situated beside the bus station, unusable. He also notes the success of all re-opened rail lines in Scotland, but opines that some, including St Andrews and the Borders north of Hawick, ‘should never have been closed at the stroke of a pen by someone who had possibly never been on a train.’

The full text can be found in the eighth letter at:

It should perhaps be noted that the new route identified in the Tata Steel report does terminate just a few yards north of the old station platforms, therefore still convenient for the bus station. There are after all no dwelling-houses on the alignment, unlike at Galashiels.

Thank you for expressing your support, Mr McDonald. We will do our best to ensure that there will be a next train to St Andrews for you to take.