'Reopening St Andrews rail link is vital' - Courier

Under the heading ‘Reopening St Andrews rail link is vital’, the StARLink letter makes the following points:

• St Andrews is unique and as such needs a bespoke solution

• Golfers and students mean more journeys than simply the town’s population might imply

• The overflowing car-park at Leuchars and the empty seats on the buses prove that the current bus and taxi services are not acceptable to many Leuchars rail passengers, of whom there are now half a million per annum, most going to and from St Andrews.

The letter also notes that the detractors appear to be one or two lone voices, whereas the campaign has many supporters, as well as showing why the unfettered car use promoted in the 1960s when the railway closed is unsustainable.

The full text of the letter is at: