National campaign endorses St Andrews Railway

As reported in The Courier, the Campaign for Better Transport has included a new line to St Andrews as one of only 3 Scottish projects, out of a total of 33, amongst its recommended rail expansion proposals.

Hard on the heels of the disappointing refusal of Fife Council’s North East Fife Area Committee for match-funding to complete the St Andrews Sustainable Transport appraisal, spearheaded by 2 St Andrews members who dismissed the idea as ‘pie in the sky’, the StARLink campaign has received a welcome fillip from the national Campaign for Better Transport which included a railway to St Andrews amongst its 3 Scottish recommendations.

The CfBT report ‘The Case for Expanding the Rail Network’ calls for a national programme of re-opening. It considered 224 potential rail re-opening schemes throughout Britain and selected 33 of these for prioritisation and adoption, to be implemented in 2 phases, 2020-25 and 2025-35. The first tranche includes Dunfermline-Alloa, with new stations at Kincardine, Valleyfield and Cairneyhill, while the second, from 2025 to 2035, includes Levenmouth and St Andrews; the 3 Fife schemes are the only Scottish proposals in the report. CfBT sees the strategic benefit of re-opening a line to St Andrews as creating ‘direct rail access to the regional [Scottish] centre’ and notes that it would bring 7,300 people within walking distance (1 km) of a railway station.

The measured endorsement of the Campaign for Better Transport for a St Andrews railway does make the pooh-poohing comments of the two St Andrews members at committee seem rather silly.

The Courier’s report on the document can be found at:

and a link to the report itself is on the Campaign for Better Transport’s website at: