Citizen & Herald cover 'Breaking the Circle'

The Fife Herald and St Andrews Citizen feature the ‘Breaking the Circle’ strategy on their from pages, with the Herald emphasising the Newburgh Station campaign and the Citizen underlining StARLink.

The report proposes that Fife Council and SESTran adopt the 5 projects and that the Scottish Government commits to their joint capital funding.

Newburgh Train Station campaigner Nigel Mullen said, ‘We welcome the coming together of all Fife railway project campaigns represented by this strategy report. Strong, well-supported local Fife community campaigns and hard work, with excellent cross-party political support, has made a decisive contribution to the future of a joined-up rail system for Fife that will properly connect it to the rest of Scotland asnd bring great benefits to all these communities.’

StARLink secretary Dita Stanis-Traken is quoted, ‘In addition to the badly-needed rail link to Scotland’s oldest university and global golfing mecca that is St Andrews, there are other campaigns working for a better rail system in Fife. It makes sense to incorporate these worthy proposals into an overall strategy rather than looking at each aspect in a piecemeal fashion. Adopting a Fife-wide approach will result in more coherent services for passengers and will provide Fife with a rail network fit for the 21st century; significantly boosting tourism, industry and inward investment.’