Positive response from Scotrail

Following a meeting with Scotrail Development officials, Starlink convenor Jane Ann Liston said she hoped that organisations invited to comment would take the opportunity to do so, otherwise, in the absence of a reply, assumptions would have to be made. She also confirmed that Tata Steel was undertaking further work in response to points already raised during the consultation.

The text of the St Andrews Citizen article can be found at:


On the letters page of the same newspaper, Wilson Nichol draws attention to the shortcomings of Leuchars Station as a gateway to St Andrews, and proposes a ‘more modest and useful’ scheme, involving moving the northbound line west, widening the platform, and building an access road from the Balmullo Road bridge and another bridge on to the main road, for buses, taxis and cars dropping off passengers.

While Mr Nichol is quite right to highlight the fact that Leuchars is not passenger-friendly, accessible as it is only by a footbridge which is exposed to the elements, the sort of improvements he suggests are likely to be rather more expensive than one might at first imagine, and are not likely to generate anything like the increase in revenue which a new line to St Andrews will bring.