'Pointless' says Dundonian

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Mr Black asks why St Andrews 'deserves' a railway, as though improved transport links were a good conduct prize, but then obligingly goes on to answer his own question: 'its antiquity, its prestigious university, golf and tourism'. Contrary to his assertion that 'all these are sustained perfectly well under the present system,' though, that is clearly not the case. He says that there are 'buses running every 10 minutes during the day and every half hour during the evening' - I'm not sure that's completely accurate, but let it pass - but most rail passengers, actual and potential, choose not to use them, hence the overflowing car-park at Leuchars and the excessive number of vehicles trundling round St Andrews looking for a place to park. As for his complaint that a railway is 'asking rather a lot of a country in which thousands are on the breadline,' improved transport links would be of macro-economic benefit, and help to raise these people off the breadline.