MSP gets wrong end of stick - but council's deputy leader supports study

Starlink convenor Jane Ann Liston said,

'This idea of linking the projects, of using the well-known name of St Andrews to pull in support for the not so well-known Leven, is in fact endorsed by a transport consultant who has already carried out work on both proposals.

But until a proper study is carried out into the St Andrews link, no-one can dismiss the project as unfeasible.

St Andrews generates so much money for the Scottish economy that it is only fair to enable it to continue doing so without making life intolerable for the residents. The transport infrastructure for the town simply cannot cope with the increasing demands being put upon it and indeed was identified as inadequate nearly 20 years ago by the Scottish Tourist Board. A railway line is really the only solution that can make a big difference.

Mr Newton seems happy with the status quo, but many other people are not, hence the overflowing, newly-expanded car-park at Leuchars. Even if all St Andreans persisted in driving to a railway station, one in their own town would save 11 or 12 miles worth of petrol per return trip.

Starlink is not campaigning on behalf of rail devotees, but for all who have to travel in and out of St Andrews, be they residents or visitors, students or commuters. The number of cars coming into town is increasing at 2.5% per annum. It is not just during golf tournaments or at the start and end of the university term that the town is swamped with traffic, but whenever somewhere has a Monday holiday or even just when the sun comes out.

St Andrews generates a lot of income for the Scottish economy. It therefore makes sense to provide it with the best possible transport links, thus enabling the town to continue creating prosperity, without its residents having to suffer an increasing influx of thousands of cars upon more and more occasions.'

Deputy leader of Fife Council, Cllr Elizabeth Riches supported calls to look into the possibility of creating a St Andrews rail link, saying,

'A proper business case needs to be worked out for St Andrews to see if we can do something. The town gets so much traffic and during the last holiday weekend it was gridlocked.'