TayPlan Consultation - Make your views known

Although transport in NE Fife comes under the auspices of SESTRAN, strategic planning is the responsibility of TayPlan, similar to the former Fife Structure Plan which back in 2001 included the statement that land would be safeguarded for a railway and station. Although being a strategic plan it did not specify a site, the statement established support for the principle of a railway. Inclusion in TayPlan would also enable a railway in a particular place to be included in the emerging Fife Local Plan. The more people who contact TayPlan and say the principle of the St Andrews railway should be included, as was the case in the Fife Structure Plan 2001, the more likely it is to be seriously considered.

Discussions are still taking place as to how the essential STAG (Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance) evaluation might be achieved. The recent discussion with Network Rail was very helpful in that respect. More information will follow when there are any further developments.