St Andrews Railway - yes, it can be done!

The findings of the report were revealed before an audience which included transport professionals, planners, politicians and representatives of the tourist industry. They heard that there was a strong demand for a rail service, which would result in considerable revenue benefits, as well as those of time saved and modal shift from car to train. Furthermore, connections within Fife would improve, doubling the rail service to Cupar, which would be reached in just 10 minutes, and offering a direct link with Dunfermline just 49 minutes away. Travelling to Dundee would be reduced to 20 minutes, with the possibility of a new station at Wormit. Trains would also serve Edinburgh Airport via the proposed Edinburgh Gateway interchange, which could be particularly attractive to visitors from overseas by making St Andrews much easier to reach.

The presentation was very well received by the audience, which included some individuals who had attended the launch of the Starlink campaign 23 years ago. Now it is over to the authorities: in particular SESTRAN, Transport Scotland and Fife Council, to take the project a stage further.