Railway is 'Greener Option'

Text of letter from Starlink convenor, Jane Ann Liston, published in today’s St Andrews Citizen:

‘If the bus service between St Andrews and Leuchars were as good as your correspondent Mr Chalmers suggests that it is, one might ask why the car-park at Leuchars is regularly overflowing, with as many as 50 cars parking on Station Road, all the way from the access bridge to Toll Road? Last time I looked there were plenty of empty seats on the buses, yet people still choose to drive.

Furthermore, his suggestion that a cheaper solution is to dual the A91 but only as far as Guardbridge makes no sense and would result in a bottleneck. The road equivalent to connecting St Andrews with the main railway line would be to build a dual carriageway to the trunk road network, i.e. the 25 miles of the A91 all the way to the M90, including bypasses for Guardbridge, Dairsie, Cupar, Auchtermuchty and Gateside. Not only would this cost more than the less-than 5 miles of railway, but it would certainly increase road traffic, as all similar road enhancements have done, funnelling even more vehicles into St Andrews along the A91, right past Mr Chalmers' house in Links Crescent, and pumping out more diesel fumes and climate-damaging greenhouse gases into the bargain. ‘