Yet another taxi-driver's outburst

In the St Andrews Citizen Stuart Winton expresses his extreme scepticism about the idea of a railway to St Andrews, doubting that it would make a difference to traffic in Cupar and St Andrews or that car-drivers would switch to rail. Unfortunately the letter degenerates into an extremely personalised attack upon your convenor. Like Ms Batchelor's letter last week and Mr Beech's the week before I will not be dignifying it with a response. Mr Winton has sent me a long e-mail about the intricacies of the taxi-business (thankfully, he was considerate enough not to inflict it upon the readers of the Citizen) which is no doubt very interesting but really quite irrelevant to the Starlink campaign. He would do better to send his complaints about taxi-licensing to Fife Council, who could do something about them, rather than to me. The local taxi service has of course evolved over the years to fit the existing market, that is, without a railway to St Andrews. No doubt it will be able to do so again once trains are again running into the Home of Golf.