St Andrews Citizen article

In the Citizen article, Starlink claims that the case for the railway has been bolstered by the proposals for other new stations, i.e. Newburgh and Wormit, both included in TayPlan, and by the prospects of the Cupar North Relief Road, which is likely to generate extra traffic to St Andrews, as is the way of new roads. This would not only clog up the town itself, but also funnel all those extra vehicles through the very much smaller settlements of Dairsie and Guardbridge, to their considerable detriment. A railway to St Andrews would, however, offer an environmentally-friendly alternative attractive to car-drivers, and keep some of these vehicles at home in their garages.

Wormit Station was suggested by Tata Steel as a possible stop on a St Andrews-Dundee service. It could be therefore that a new St Andrews line offers the best chance for a new Wormit Station.

In its first year Alloa station was used by four times the number originally estimated. This suggests there was much suppressed unmet demand for rail services. It is unlikely that St Andrews would be any different.