Community Council hears progress report

Here is the text of the report which was tabled at Community Council on 3rd September:

Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council
Rail Sub-Cttee
Report for September meeting of Community Council
Jane Ann Liston
The consultation, begun in May after the presentation of the Tata Report’s findings, has been proceeding throughout the summer. Following points raised at the presentation, a modified version of the optimal route was produced in the middle of August. As can be seen from the website, the changes included the addition of a new road from Guardbridge to the C4, thus maintaining vehicle access from the A91 to Kincaple and Strathkinness, and the realignment of the line at the entrance of St Andrews, removing the need for a viaduct over the Old Guardbridge Road.
Consultation with various groups has taken two forms.
The St Andrews Preservation Trust, St Andrews Partnership, St Andrews Merchants’ Association and Stayinstandrews were contacted by e-mail and invited to respond to the proposals, bearing in mind the following key points.
    As yet no reply has been received from the Preservation Trust. The responses from the other three bodies can be summarised as follows:
      It is unfortunate that none of the above organisations have referred to the key points, as their insight would have been invaluable. However, the responses were constructive, albeit cautious, and none was out-and-out hostile.
      Other groups have had face-to-face visits from myself and Izzy Cordin. These were held with:
      The University of St Andrews, the Old Course Hotel and Guardbridge Community Council.
        I have also briefed the Fife Council Liberal Democrats and have been invited to speak to North East Fife SNP, probably in October.
        There are at least three other organisations who should be seen sooner rather than later.
          That is the state of play so far. Once we have received feedback from these and any other organisations considered necessary, plus held any required events, we should be ready to pass the consultation results to the STAG process. I understand that Scotrail have already been discussing this with SESTRAN.