Double standard on rail proposals attacked

The Courier article about Fife Council’s inconsistent approach to rail proposals is at:

To answer the justification given by the council officer:

• Of the rail projects included in FIFEplan, although Levenmouth and apparently also Dunfermline-Alloa (Lower) have undergone STAG, the fact remains that neither Newburgh nor Wormit has.

• The cost of a St Andrews line, as calculated in the Tata report, is comparable with that cited for Levenmouth. Of course, nobody would expect a local authority to pay for a new railway service, so it is not clear how relevant this objection is.

• A viable route was identified in the Tata report. As Fife Council are well aware of the contents of this report, and indeed have a copy of it, it is disingenuous for Fife Council to claim that no route has been identified.