Press coverage of feasibility study

The Courier report noted that representatives from the Scottish Government, VisitScotland, Fife Council and the Links Trust were present, as were MSP Rod Campbell and Fife councillors Tim Brett and Keith McCartney.

The article highlighted details of the proposed route, an hourly service to Edinburgh, including stops at Cupar, Dunfermline and the new Edinburgh Airport station, and also to Dundee (although there is an option for a half-hourly service for the latter).

Starlink convenor Jane Ann Liston said, ‘At long last a feasibility study has been done into how to connect St Andrews to the railway, and it’s all very exciting. The findings are that it’s possible, and there’s a demand for it.’

Already the next stage, that of consultation, has begun, in response to points made at the presentation, including further options for the more difficult locations on the route, before the case is passed to Transport Scotland.