Mention in Modern Railways

The ongoing Tata study into reconnecting St Andrews is mentioned in the new (August) edition of Modern Railways magazine, as a ‘potential test-bed for lower-cost railway construction’. The project is described as being driven by local enthusiasm and recognition of rail’s benefits.

Inclusion in
Modern Railways is extremely welcome, not just because it is a prestigious publication, but also because it emphasises the forward-looking of this project. The overwhelming need is for a new rail service which fulfils the requirements of the 21st century, rather than a reinstatement of a Victorian or even 1960s service. That being said, the charter train market is likely to have a part to play, perhaps even with locomotive 4472 hauling the Northern Belle Orient Express into St Andrews for the Open one day, but the Starlink campaign is first and foremost one for a normal rail service to this economically-important destination.