Review of broadcast

The St Andrews Citizen featured the Radio 4 broadcast from last week, in which Starlink convenor Jane Ann Liston emphasised ed the importance of St Andrews as an economic generator and that rail would be the most efficient way of ferrying in the large numbers of tourists, students and commuters. It was also noted that St Andrews was not included in Dr Beeching’s list of closures and was therefore an unintended victim. Mention was also made of the imminent publication of the new route identified by Tata Steel.

Text of Press Release submitted to St Andrews Citizen

The profile of the Starlink (St Andrews Rail Link) campaign received a welcome boost on Friday when it was included in the Radio 4 documentary 'Reversing Dr Beeching'. During her interview by Douglas Fraser, BBC Scotland's Economics & Business editor, campaign convenor Jane Ann Liston stressed the importance of St Andrews as an economic generator, and the subsequent necessity of transporting the large numbers of tourists, students and commuters in and out of the town as efficiently as possible, which would be best achieved by rail. She noted that St Andrews was the only Scottish university town without a station, and that even south of the Border there were only a handful of universities remote from the rail network.

Afterwards, Ms Liston said, 'Including the St Andrews campaign in a programme which also featured the successful rail re-openings of Airdrie-Bathgate and Larkhall-Milnagavie was extremely valuable, raising its profile and increasing its credibility. The timing is also propitious, as very soon now the results of the feasibility study by Tata Steel will be published, paving the way for significant further progress.'