Forthcoming attraction - Wine tasting

What: Wine tasting on the theme of the Orient Express to raise funds for next part of feasibility study
Where: Macdonald Rusacks Hotel, Pilmour Links, St Andrews
When: Friday 23rd February, 19:30
Cost: £15
Tickets: or call at Westwood Newsagent, 213 South Street, St Andrews

On February 23rd climb aboard the 19:30 at Macdonald Rusacks Hotel where St Andrews Wine Company’s Peter Wood will conduct you along the route of the Simplon Orient Express in 6 different wines.

This route, between Istanbul and Paris, is the one taken by the train in Agatha Christie’s famous novel ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, made into a major film in 1974 and again in 2017.

With Peter’s expertise not to mention irrepressibility, it promises to be an entertaining and enjoyable journey.

Proceeds will go towards funding the next major study in the spring, continuing to build up the case for the St Andrews railway.