Citizen covers Campaign for Better Transport's endorsement of St Andrews campaign

The St Andrews Citizen and Fife Herald reported on the Campaign for Better Transport’s support for building a new railway line to St Andrews.

The CfBT included St Andrews among 33 re-openings which it suggests should be expedited to help support the local economy, expand labour markets, create better places to live and help tackle regional inequalities. A line to St Andrews, it says, would offer direct access to a regional centre.

The StARLink convenor was reported as saying that they were not surprised at the endorsement because it chimed with what many other transport experts have been saying for years and that their confidence in the project made some of the comments made by councillors at the end of last month when they turned down a request for funding sound ‘rather silly.’

StARLink trusts that the key decision makers at all levels will take note of these proposals and in the meantime the first part of the STAG is under way, with results expected in April.