World-wide coverage for Starlink campaign

As the interview was conducted in May the article does not take account of the later revisions to the Tata route, and the main photograph is of a steam locomotive from the first half of the last century. However there is a helpful reference to the St Andrews Partnership, saying that, ‘the improved accessibility the railway would bring to the area would be invaluable for local businesses’. There is also an intriguing quote from the Links Trust’s Chief Executive, viz, ‘It is not for the Links Trust to comment on the concept of re-establishing a rail link to St Andrews and it is clear that should such an event come about there would be benefits. Our concerns centre on the implications of the proposed route through the Links. Further consideration may be needed once formal planning procedures are at a more advanced stage.’ This should be compared with the view expressed by the Director of Finance who said he could see ‘no benefit whatsoever’ in a rail connection, though he later added ‘in that particular route.’

As the Scots Magazine enjoys an international readership, this welcome coverage should bring the campaign to the attention of many more people, with the message that a railway ‘would be the most environmentally-friendly way to ferry in and out the daily throngs of visitors, golfers, students and commuters.’