Coverage of Local Plan submission

The Scotsman reported that campaigners were ‘shocked’ at the omission, quoting the convenor, ‘It is extremely disappointing to read that reinstating rail services has apparently been ruled out. Amazingly, the construction of a new rail corridor is apparently considered as much of a ;significant negative environmental impact’ as is that of a road.’

The Courier expands the story, citing Professor Christopher Harvie MSP’s support for the campaign as well as quoting liberally from the submission. Mention is made of: increased provision for cars increasing car use, rail being more likely to get motorists out of cars than buses, the higher than predicted use of every rail re-opening in the past 15 years and the comparative robustness of rail services in bad weather as opposed to road transport. It also cites the Plan itself as admitting that ‘the lack of a direct rail kink into St Andrews’ is a notable ‘missing link’ and that ‘the lack of a main rail link may encourage higher use of private transport means’.

It is now likely that there will be a Public Enquiry into the Local Plan if the objections cannot be resolved. The Starlink campaign is looking forward to it.