'What about St Andrews?'

In his letter, Harry D. Watson of Edinburgh writes:

‘Alastair Dalton’s rather revisionist account of Dr Beeching’s cuts to Scotland’s railways (“450 miles of Scots railway ‘dodged Beeching axe’”, 21 March) is ominously quiet about the prospect of restoring services to St Andrews, as outlines in his previous article (“After 40 years, St Andrews is a step closer to rail travel”, 12 May).

Are we to take it that the review carried out by Tata Steel Projects, making out the case for a rail service to St Andrews, has been quietly binned?

As has often been pointed out, not least by the tireless campaigning of the Starlink pressure group, it is quite ridiculous that, for more than 40 years, the home of golf and of one of Britain’s major universities has been deprived of a train service.’

Thank you, Mr Watson. I hope that the previously-mentioned meeting of Fife Council’s N.E. area committee on Wednesday will spur the relevant bodies into action. It is high time the professionals took over the running.