Courier Coverage and Alloa Advice

Starlink supporters along with members of the Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council and Railfuture Scotland heard Cameron Little of Alloa describe how their rail campaign was carried on, ultimately to a successful conclusion when passenger services between Alloa and Stirling were restored in 2008, including direct services to Glasgow. Despite some naysayers claiming that the line was a waste of money which nobody would use, nearly 4 times as many passengers as originally forecast used the service in its first year and this level of use has been maintained, leading to the addition of peak-time direct services to Edinburgh..

Starlink campaigners hope to use some of the ideas to further the campaign for a St Andrews line, pointing out that, unlike Alloa, St Andrews is a destination, being the home of the oldest Scottish university, a major employment centre and economic generator, a magnet tourist resort and the Home of Golf, and as such is likely to attract many more rail passengers than the Hillfoots town.