Opinions of retired statistician on Starlink campaign

Mr Newton's case is that comparisons with German studies or recent Scottish re-openings are irrelevant, though he himself cites the Edinburgh South Suburban line to back his own argument. The extra time to go into St Andrews would discourage passengers, there would be 'delay after delay' due to capacity problems, a station on the North Haugh would 'not be in walking distance for those people who do not reside in central St Andrews' so they would have to drive a car anyway, and in any case the present bus and train 'link' at Leuchars 'is better than many' in the country (which is doubtless why most passengers use cars instead!) although there are 'very few places where there are dedicated bus and train links' because 'you cannot have an integrated service unless you throw lots of money at it.'

Mr Newton says that only the data from a feasibility study should be used to back the case for St Andrews. Precisely - so let's have one.